Strongpoint Theinert Ranch

Dear Friends,

You’ve been hearing our family talk about Strongpoint Theinert Ranch for years. We’re so excited to finally report that now veterans and Gold Star family members have actually been there!

Last year we realized we didn’t have to have a multi-million dollar Ranch to make a difference. We had everything we really needed already…

  • Our family home to host guests
  • Our friends to coordinate trip logistics and lead retreat activities
  • Our foundation to underwrite expenses including round-trip airfare, meals and equipment

Since February 2016 we have executed 3 retreats and hosted 27 guests, including active and veteran service members from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps and Gold Star family members and we have even more planned for 2017.

Our family is so grateful to everyone who has supported us along the way, and we wanted you all to be able to see first-hand what we have accomplished so far and hear about our plans for the future, so we underwrote for a videographer and film editor to capture the Strongpoint Theinert Ranch experience. Please watch the video and share it too – we hope to get to 1,000 views!

Watch Our Video


We still dream of building a completely handicap-accessible facility with the space to host even more guests at each retreat, and we have been saving all the donations you have made to help us do that. We currently have $50,000 towards our goal of $300,000 to be able to purchase and install a modular home on family donated land. The 2,600 square foot “bunkhouse” will have 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a full kitchen, a great room, and give us the capacity to host up to 20 guests at a time. You can help make the bunkhouse a reality by donating online.

And please help us spread the word! So far all of our supporters have been friends or friends-of-friends. We need help connecting to corporate partners for our capital campaign. We’ve put together the proposal, we just need help getting it in the right hands!

View Our Proposal


At the Ranch everything we do, we do together – from cooking a meal over an open fire on top of Chow Mountain, to taking part in a Legacy Hike to the summit of South Baldy, to building a 2,800 square foot outdoor stone labyrinth. Together, guests help each other work through challenges and return home strengthened physically and mentally. Even if you have not flown to New Mexico or slept in one of our sleeping bags, by supporting us through the years, you are part of that.

Thank you for helping us honor Joe’s legacy.